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Area51 Sports - Premium Wood Baseball Bats

Welcome to AREA51 SPORTS your online source for high performance premium hardwood baseball bats.  Our company has earned the reputation for designing and creating the most impacting wood baseball bats in the game.  Superior graphics, outstanding performance, and a commitment to making you hit better than you ever thought possible, that is what we are all about.


WARNING:  Access to the extreme high performance wood bat products found at this website is restricted to only those ballplayers that want to elevate their hitting game to its highest potential.

You have been granted access to the Area51Sports website, home of the most innovative and hardest-hitting wood baseball bats ever created.  Using state-of-the-art technology, we have taken wood baseball bats to a whole new level of performance.  Whether you swing ash, birch, maple, or our game-dominating Fusion laminates, your hitting game is about to be supercharged!

Thinking about starting your own bat company???

Area51Sports is the industry leader for wood bat customization and branding.  Not only are we the best at providing high-end graphics with our unique decaling methods but we also work with your company to help create an image you can be proud of.  We carry a wide array of wood bat models in ash and maple, as well as offer a complete line of birch and maple laminate wood bats available for customization.


Whether you are looking for award bats or your own line of baseball bats to sell on the side Area51Sports needs to be your baseball bat company.  For more info please contact us directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  









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