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Our premium Northern Ash baseball bat billets (also called bat blanks)

are turned from the best grade A Northern Ash available. 

These billets are hand sorted, evaluated, and weighed to insure quality turnings.

Our ash baseball bat billets are 37" in length and 2-3/4" in dia. (may vary depending on source). 

Graded as requested and a 9-12% moisture content.


To order bulk ash wood bat billets choose from the following:

100pc Ash Wood Billets 80-90oz

150pc Ash Wood Billets 80-90oz

200pc Ash Wood Billets 80-90oz


100pc Ash Wood Billets 80-95oz

150pc Ash Wood Billets 80-95oz

200pc Ash Wood Billets 80-95oz


Contact us with you wood billet questions @ 989-772-3100





















































































































Welcome to Area51 Woodworks, the billet supply end of Area51 Sports.  We are the only company that specializes in WEIGHT SORTED billet orders! This means you get EXACTLY what you need everytime.

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